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 2009 Issue Archive 

December 2009
Skyline Ridge
Global Stability and Segmental Retaining Walls
SRWs Carry the Weight in Indianapolis Water Park
Load and Resistance Factor Design Method
Detail of the Month: Internal Compound Stability

November 2009
The Versatility of Concrete Masonry Homes
Concrete Masonry in the Urban Environment
Concrete Masonry at Home in the Mountains
Sustainable Concrete Solutions for LEED for Homes
Detail of the Month: Basement Walls

October 2009 
Banner Gateway Medical Center
Building Quality, Patient-Centered Facilities
Award Winning Designs
The Pinnacle
Detail Of The Month: Concrete Masonry Corner Details

September 2009 
Herrick Street Bridge
Special Consideration for Tall SRW Walls
Fences, Railings & Traffic Barriers
Detail Of The Month: Reinforcement of Curved Walls

August 2009
Concrete Masonry Builds Character In An Arizona Infill Project
California Dreaming
Expanding An Urban Residence From The Ground Up
10 Passive Solar Design Rules of Thumb

Detail Of The Month: Types of Passive Solar Designs

July 2009
Juvenile Hall's "Calming Expansion With Concrete Masonry
Blast and Bullet Resistant Concrete Masonry Buildings
Impact Resistance Of Concrete Masonry For Correctional Facilities
Detail Of The Month: Blast Resistant Structural Systems

June 2009
Backyard Transformation Washes Away Water Problems
The Ultimate Backyard Challenge
Detail Of The Month: Choosing the Correct Drainage Filter Design


May 2009
Concrete Masonry Provides Comfortable and Attractive Senior Living Environments
Concrete Masonry Provides Safe Living Environments
Detail Of The Month: IBC Calculated Fire Resistance Ratings and UL Fire Ratings Compared

April 2009
Masonry is the Answer for Sustainable Schools
How Does The Use of Concrete Masonry Contribute to LEED Certification?
Durable Community Building for Generations
Detail Of The Month: Flashing Cavity Walls at the Foundation

March 2009
Elevate Property Values By Going From Good To Great
Homeowners Get Cooking with Outdoor Kitchens
Durable Community Fencing Improves the Property Value of Many Homes
Versatile Wall and Paver System Creates a Dramatic Retreat
Detail Of The Month: Building A Fire Pit


February 2009
Design Award of Merit Winners
Design Award of Honor Winners
Design Award of Excellence Winners


January 2009
Congregation Beth Israel
Green Valley Church
Holy Innocents Church
Project Gallery: Buildings of Worship
Detail of the Month: Low Lift vs. High Lift Grout