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In the October 2009 Commercial Issue:

Banner Gateway Medical Center
The completion of Banner Gateway Medical Center provided the growing community of Gilbert, Arizona, with what the NBBJ design team calls the “next-generation hospital.” The phrase aptly describes an advanced facility dedicated to healing and nurturing robust health.


Building Quality, Patient-Centered Facilities
The new Bone and Joint Clinic in Wausau, Wis., was constructed to help patients enjoy a healthy and active life. The multi-specialty clinic provides sports medicine, including a musculoskeletal and surgery center, and orthopedic experts from many areas of training working together - all under one roof.


Award Winning Designs
Wisconsin Concrete Masonry Association (WCMA) annual Excellence in Masonry Awards program

The Pinnacle
The design of this building was heavily informed by the context in which it is sited. Constricted on three sides by steep slopes, the form took on a wedge shape to provide access to this rocky pinnacle like ridge.


Concrete Masonry Corner Details
A building's corners are typically constructed first, then the remaining wall section is filled in. Because they guide the construction of the rest of the wall, building the corners requires special care. It is essential that the corner be built as shown on the foundation or floor plan to maintain modular dimensions.