Detail of the Month: Concrete Masonry Corner Details 
Concrete Masonry Corner Details
A building’s corners are typically constructed first, then the remaining wall section is filled in. Because they guide the construction of the rest of the wall, building the corners requires special care. It is essential that the corner be built as shown on the foundation or floor plan to maintain modular dimensions.

For maximum construction efficiency and economy, concrete masonry elements should be designed and constructed with modular coordination in mind. Corners, however, present unique situations, because the actual widths of standard units are 3 5/8, 5 5/8, 7 5/8, 9 5/8 and 115/8 in. (92, 143, 194, 244 and 295 mm). In order to maintain an 8-in. (203-mm) module, special corner details have been developed to accommodate most typical situations. The figures below and to the right show how corners can be constructed to minimize cutting of units while maintaining modularity of the construction.