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In the November 2009 Residential Issue:

The Versatility of Concrete Masonry Homes
Concrete masonry homes reflect the beauty and durability of concrete masonry materials. Masonry housing provides a high standard of structural strength, design versatility, energy efficiency, termite resistance, economy and aesthetic appeal.

Concrete Masonry in the Urban Environment
A former concrete masonry structure, Circle K convenience store and gas station, were saved and integrated into the new design to minimize the deconstruction and make adaptive reuse of the existing building.

Concrete Masonry at Home in the Mountains
Located in the western Sierra Nevada Mountains, this 1,800 square-foot vacation home was designed to provide a mountain retreat for the Owner’s family, extended family and guests. The design also was intended to blend harmoniously with its natural surroundings, capture breathtaking views, and mitigate the wildfire potential that exists when dwellings are sited in forest ecosystems.

Sustainable Concrete Solutions for LEED for Homes 
LEED for Homes (LEED-H) was released by the United States Green Building Council in January, 2008. The program is intended to cover single-family houses, production and custom, as well as low-rise multifamily applications of three stories or less. The stated goal of the USGBC is to provide a residential sustainability system that transforms the design of mainstream homes. Designers and homebuilders can differentiate themselves by providing homes that are recognized as high-quality green homes. Homeowners can rely on an easily recognizable “brand” when purchasing a sustainable home.

TEK 14-09A Hybrid Concrete Masonry Design
Hybrid masonry is a structural system that utilizes reinforced masonry infill walls with a framed structure.  The frame can be constructed of reinforced concrete or structural steel, the discussion here will include steel frames in combination with reinforced concrete masonry walls.  The masonry walls are used as part of the lateral load resisting system. 

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3-3B Reinforced Concrete Masonry Construction


Detail Of The Month: Basement Walls
Basements are typically built as conditioned space so that they can be used for storage, work or living space. Because of this, water penetration resistance is of paramount importance to basement wall design and construction.