Elevate Property Values By Going From Good To Great 

Elevate Property Values By
Going From Good To Great

Homeowners who don’t wish to “buy up” in a cool economy are finding ways to make their current homes more luxurious and functional and many are looking outdoors for more living space and more return on their investment. A study by Clemson University found that homes with “excellent” landscaping can expect a sale price about 6 to 7 percent higher than equivalent houses with “good” landscaping. When you calculate that increase on a 2 or 3 million dollar home, it equates to $120,000 to $210,000. Even on a $500,000 home, the increase is still nothing to sneeze at—$30,000.

The Deck and Patio Company of Huntington Station, New York specializes in luxury outdoor living.And although they have done their share of top-of- the-line work on top-of- the-line homes, the majority of their clients have average sized homes on averagesized lots. And this is where helping clients get the most bang for their buck comes into play.

Bill Renter, President, of The Deck and Patio Company says that the key to taking a home from mediocre to grand is all in the details. “Why are some pools and spas gorgeous and some seem to lack panache? The answer lies not in the pool but with the surroundings.” Bill explains, “Harmonizing and blending the play areas and entertainment areas with the water, hardscape, and landscape elements is what it’s all about.”

When Bill met with a client who’d recently purchased a home on the exclusive North Shore of Long Island, they realized they were all on the same page. The backyard was good—it had a large patio close to the house and a pool area overlooking Long Island Sound—but it wasn’t spectacular. Bill and his crew were challenged to create a resort-style outdoor environment complete with a vanishing edge pool, free-form spa, swim up bar/barbeque, barstools, fire elements, waterfall elements, and multi-level patios.

Along with this lengthy “wish-list” came stringent constraints. The project was under close supervision by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. The bluff that the property sits on is protected and thus under no circumstance could soil erosion or storm water runoff be allowed to migrate from the premises.

The first order of business was soil stabilization and a number of concrete segmental retaining walls were utilized on the bluff side of the property for their beauty and brawn. The designers at The Deck and Patio Company selected a unit that had a natural, aged look, and also had coordinating pavers, caps, steps and risers to harmonize the entire space.“I like the look of the matching tumbled concrete components and they wear so well without problems such as heat retention and deterioration during freeze and thaw,” explains Bill.

The backyard space is a beautiful blending of function and nature. What you see is a beckoning resort, what you don’t see is the painstaking preparation that allows the elements to function with little maintenance and impact on the surrounding environment. Hidden from sight are one mile of plumbing, five water pumps, gas and electric lines for an outdoor kitchen, and thousands of square feet of stabilization material. The four-tiered patio area is 3,000 square feet and the Deck and Patio Company routinely installs patios over 8 inches of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) — twice as thick as the industry standard. “Doubling up on the RCA base extends the life of the patio and its durability. It also helps filter storm water and prevents run-off—both very important in this home’s design”, says Bill.

The homeowners are pleased with their new outdoor space. From every angle the views are stunning and well thought out and thanks to the durable construction materials installed, they will enjoy them for many years to come. CMD