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SRW Flood Proofing on Kilkenny Drive

In 1997, the Red River “Flood of the Century” impacted the City of Winnipeg’s residential areas along the riverbank. Protected by temporary sand bags. Following the flood, the Kilkenny Drive North Community qualified for funding to implement permanent flood proofing measures.




Hardscape North America SRW Awards

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) along with the Brick Industry Association (BIA) and National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) announced the 3rd Annual HNA Project Award winners during the Hardscape North America trade show.




CMU Historic Preservation: Kahn Bath House

Who’d have guessed that a tiny, decrepit CMU building near Trenton, NJ, where swimmers at an old Day Camp used to change their clothes, would turn out to be an architectural treasure?




Reinforcement for High Wind Areas

High winds subject buildings to large horizontal forces as well as to significant uplift. Reinforced concrete masonry is well suited to resist these loads due to its relatively large mass available to resist the large uplift and overturning forces.


AIA Continuing Education Learning Program

To receive one learning unit, read “SRW Flood Proofing in Kilkenny Drive” and “Hardscape North America SRW Award Winners”, and complete the questions. Return the form to the National Concrete Masonry Association.