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May/June 2010 Issue


Alton Riverfront Amphitheater: Balance and Harmony Music lovers at the Alton Riverfront Amphitheater aren’t consciously aware that segmental retaining wall (SRW) units and concrete pavers really have a starring role.




San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center–NCMA/ICPI Design Award of Excellence Winner—Sustainable Building
With many site constraints, the San Elijo Nature Center was carefully designed to preserve the endangered species habitat and wetlands. The unique-shaped design was then organized to maximize daylighting and views to the lagoon.



Concrete Masonry and LEED
Concrete masonry and hardscape products have been and will continue to be a green building material.




Infill Projects Produce Green Homes
Unused or underutilized spaces in previously developed areas are getting a second chance to prosper through citywide and individual infill projects.



    Single Wythe Core-Insulated CM Wall Energy Code Compliance
Regardless of the project goals, single wythe concrete masonry construction can fulfill the project’s energy efficiency requirements, while also providing superior structural capacity, durability, and resistance to fire, sound transmission, insects and mold.

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